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Premises liability is a legal theory used to describe laws created to protect people when they are injured on someone else’s property. For example, if you are renting an apartment and are injured because the landlord failed to maintain the property, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries through a premises liability lawsuit. Likewise, a business owner could be held accountable for your injury. For example, the owner of a store could be held responsible if you are hurt by an item that fell off a shelf.

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Property owners may have a legal duty to warn visitors, pedestrians and passersby of hazards that may exist on a property by posting warning signs and taking appropriate precautions to prevent foreseeable harm. Colorado focuses on the status of the injured visitor in determining the liability of the owner or occupier of the property. There are generally three categories of visitors: invitee, licensee or trespasser.

  • Invitee – Someone who is invited onto the property of another, such as a customer in a store. This invitation usually implies that the property owner has taken reasonable steps to assure the safety of the premises.
  • Licensee – Someone who enters a property for his own purpose and is present at the consent of the owner. A social guest is a licensee.
  • Trespasser – Someone who enters a property without any right whatsoever to do so.

For licensees and trespassers, there is no implied promise that reasonable care has been made to assure their safety on the property. If a property owner fails to do so and you suffer an injury on site, you may have grounds to file a premises liability claim.

What is a premises liability accident? How can an attorney help me?

There are many different types of premise liability accidents in Colorado. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Slip and fall accident Sidewalks, parking lots, store floors and other public areas must be kept free of hazards (ice, water, etc.) that could cause a slip and fall accident.
  • Recreational accident Whether you’re boating, skiing, hiking, cycling or performing some other recreational activity, property owners have a responsibility to protect you.
  • Inadequate security – Poor lighting in parking garage, apartment complex or another public building may create an environment that spurs criminal activity.
  • Poor building maintenance – Unsecured handrails, dangerous stairs and unmarked road hazards in parking lots can create a liability for the property owner.

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