Even Colorado natives can learn new tricks and tips for driving safer on snow and ice. Typically, Colorado natives will look down their nose at those who come from warmer climates, offering up whatever advice they can to be better drivers in the snow.

“We can all learn a little something about how to drive better on snow and ice,” said Bob Lightfoot, a driving instructor at Learn to Drive in Lakewood, during a recent TV interview.1

We’ve taken a look at what the experts have had to say about driving on snow and ice, and we’ve compiled a nice list of the top wintertime driving tips.

Top 10 Winter Driving Tips to Prevent Car Accidents & Stay Safe

driving through bad weather

The following wintertime driving tips were provided by the AAA’s Roadway Safety Exchange:

  1. Avoid driving while fatigued. Studies have shown that driving fatigued can result in driving risks similar to those who are impaired by alcohol.
  2. Never start your car in an enclosed area and let it run to warm up, like in a garage. This can create a deadly buildup of carbon monoxide, which can kill a person without warning.
  3. Always make sure your tires have enough tread and they are properly inflated.
  4. Always have about a half tank of gas in your car.
  5. Avoid using the parking break as a handbrake on snow and ice.
  6. Don’t use the cruise control function when driving on snow, ice and wet surfaces.
  7. If you lose traction on snow or ice, steer in the direction you want to go.
  8. Put your seat belt on every time you get into your vehicle.
  9. Make sure your windshield wipers are in good working condition, and your wiper fluid is topped off.
  10. Pack extra warm clothing (gloves, hats, coats, and a blanket), food, water, and emergency kit in your vehicle in the event you get stranded.

Other Driving Techniques to Help with Wintertime Driving

Here’s some other noteworthy driving techniques that will help you avoid a car collisions in snowy or icy conditions:

  • Don’t hit the gas when you want to start going anywhere or make a turn. Accelerating too fast can cause your tires to lose traction.
  • Don’t hit the brakes when you want to stop right away. Pump your brakes, so you don’t lose traction. Holding your foot on the brake will just lock up your brakes and cause you to skid.
  • Drive below the posted speed limit if weather conditions are degraded. Everything takes longer on snow-covered roads (stopping, turning, breaking, etc.).
  • The average follow time of three to four seconds should be increased to eight to 10 seconds to account for the increased margin of difficulty in driving.

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1“Driving Instructors Provide Winter Weather Driving Tips” published in Denver 7 News, January 2017.

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