For many people, getting into an auto accident will be an inevitable part of life, as the average commuter will be in one car crash about every 17 years.1 Although this may distressing to consider, knowing what you can do when an accident occurs can help you take the right steps following a crash to preserve a future claim.

Unfortunately, however, there are a lot of myths about car accidents out there. These myths can dupe drivers into making mistakes and jeopardizing their rights following collisions. Understanding the facts, however, can help motorists avoid these mistakes and put them on the path to maximizing a future financial recovery.

The Truth about Auto Crashes: What Motorists Need to Know

1 – I have plenty of time to file an auto accident claim after a crash.

Recognizing these facts, rather than common car accident myths, can be imperative to protecting your financial recovery after a crash, a Denver auto accident attorney explains.

Recognizing these facts, rather than common car accident myths, can be imperative to protecting your financial recovery after a crash, a Denver auto accident attorney explains.

This is just not true. There are strict time limits for filing auto accident claims. In fact, while your insurance provider may include strict deadlines for reporting crashes in auto policies, Colorado law only provides two years for accident victims to file civil claims for financial recovery.

Additionally, traffic accident victims should be aware that:

  • Waiting to file a car accident case after the deadline will usually result in a dismissal of that case.
  • There is typically more available evidence for victims’ claims when they move forward sooner to file their claims.

2 – I was the victim of a hit-and-run accident, so I do not have any options for compensation.

This is not always true, and making this assumption can cost victims their financial recoveries. In fact, following hit-and-run accidents:

  • Further investigation may lead to an identification of the responsible driver – While police may be able to track down the drivers who cause hit-and-runs, working with an experienced lawyer can also be helpful in this effort.
  • Victims may still be able to obtain compensation if the drivers who cause hit-and-runs can’t be found – When motorists have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, they can file claims with their own insurance providers to obtain compensation following a hit-and-run accident.

3 – After a car crash, my insurance company will look out for me and treat me fairly.

In many cases, this is simply not true. In fact, what many motorists do not realize that their insurance provider, who is all-too-happy to sell them policies and collect premiums, can be challenging to deal with when it’s time to file claims and rely on them as a safety net.

What’s more is that it’s also not uncommon for insurance companies to:

  • Try to grossly undervalue motorists’ claims in the hopes that these claimants don’t know their rights and/or they are desperate enough to just take the low-ball offers
  • Even go to unethical or illegal lengths to try to avoid making payouts and preserve the companies’ profits.

This makes it imperative for car accident victims to have an experienced lawyer on their side, looking out for their rights and fighting to help them obtain the financial recoveries they likely deserve.

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1: According to data from the NHTSA