Being hurt in a car accident can be disorienting, distressing and devastating. Making mistakes in the aftermath of the accident, however, can end up compounding the stress of the situation. To avoid doing anything that could hurt your claims to compensation later, avoid making the following mistakes.

Things that Can Compromise Future Auto Accident Claims

  1. Making these mistakes can cause car accident victims to lose out on compensation, a Denver car accident lawyer explains. Here’s why.

    Making these mistakes can cause car accident victims to lose out on compensation, a Denver car accident lawyer explains. Here’s why.

    Not reporting the accident to police – When cops come to the scene of the accident, there will be a police report for that collision. This report can include important info about the potential or likely causes of the accident (such as one party violating a traffic law, being drunk, etc.). It can also contain info related to other drivers involved in the accident, witnesses to the accident, etc. All of this can be critical evidence to support an auto accident claim later.

  2. Accepting or confessing fault for the accident – Being disoriented after an auto collision can lead people to say things they don’t really mean, possibly apologizing for the collision or accepting or admitting fault for the accident. This can end up coming back to bite people later, as even false admissions of fault in collisions can threaten to reduce people’s possible claims to compensation later. They may even lead to claim denials from insurers.
  3. Not seeing a physician – A doctor can determine how badly people have been injured in a collision, detailing the injuries in an official medical report. Without this report, it can be difficult to establish whether injuries were caused by a collision – or by some other event, potentially giving insurance companies room to argue that payouts should be reduced.
  4. Not consulting a lawyer ASAP – This is the most costly mistake car accident victims can make because not consulting with an attorney can mean that they end up compromising their rights and losing out on the full amount of compensation to which they are entitled. Don’t make this mistake when you can get free, honest answers from our lawyers about your case and your best options for proceeding.

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