Summer is a wonderful time for so many things – enjoying the outdoors, taking vacations, etc. One downside of summer, however, is the fact that it is the season when the most traffic accidents, including deadly traffic accidents, occur.

This may be surprising on the surface, especially for people who live in places where icy and snowy winters can make driving risky. It is, nevertheless, true, and we’ll explain why below.

Risks associated with Driving in the Summer

  1. Driving in the summer comes with a greater risk of getting into a traffic accident. Here’s why, a Denver auto accident attorney explains.

    Driving in the summer comes with a greater risk of getting into a traffic accident. Here’s why, a Denver auto accident attorney explains.

    More people on the roads – In addition to there generally being more drivers on the roads during summer, there are also a lot of other travelers out, like more pedestrians, bicycle riders, and motorcyclists. With so many additional travelers to be aware of, driving conditions can be more complicated in the summer, increasing the risk of a traffic accident.

  2. More teens on the road for longer periods of time – Teens, who are generally the most inexperienced drivers, spend about 40 percent more time behind the wheel during the summer. In other words, more inexperienced motorists are behind the wheel for significantly longer periods of time during June, July and August.Given that these drivers are far more likely to be distracted and/or typically lack well-honed defensive driving skills, more teens driving usually also means a greater risk of a collision in the summer.
  3. Heat can negatively affect your vehicle/its equipment – The summer heat can cause your vehicle’s equipment extra stress. If that equipment is older, was not properly designed or is just more heavily used, the summer heat can mean a greater risk of an equipment malfunction. This, in turn, can mean an increased risk of a car accident, particularly if the equipment impacted is essential to vehicle safety (e.g., the tires, the brakes, etc.).
  4. More road crews working on roads – Because summer weather is generally conducive to construction work, there are typically more highway work crews out during this season. This generally results in more detours, more lane closures and other things that can complicate the driving environment. More complicated driving environments typically translate into a greater risk of a collision, especially if drivers are distracted, intoxicated, or simply careless.

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