During your day-to-day travels, there’s probably a lot that runs through your mind – like your to-do list, your shopping list, work issues, etc. What you probably are not thinking about as frequently, however, is what your risk of getting into a car accident may be each time you get behind the wheel.

While, of course, you don’t want to constantly think about getting into a motor vehicle accident, being aware of this ever-present risk can help you take the right actions to protect yourself and minimize your risk of being in accident.

To that end, below are some essential defensive driving tips that can promote optimal safety for you and your passengers whenever you drive.

Start Driving Defensively with These Tips

  1. These essential defensive driving trips can help you stay safe and reduce your risk of a collision, a Denver car accident lawyer explains.

    These essential defensive driving trips can help you stay safe and reduce your risk of a collision, a Denver car accident lawyer explains.

    Always follow traffic laws – In other words, don’t drink and drive, follow the speed limits, stop at red lights and generally comply with traffic laws. Simply following the laws when you are driving can go a long way towards keeping you safe behind the wheel.

  2. Operate under the assumption that other drivers will not follow the laws – In other words, expect that other motorists will run red lights, not yield when they should or otherwise not be as compliant in following general traffic laws as they should. If you expect other drivers to misbehave behind the wheel, you can keep yourself ever-ready to meet their violations with an appropriate response that will protect you.
  3. Avoid all distractions behind the wheel – This is important, as many motorists on the road think that, although distracted driving is dangerous when other drivers do it, it’s OK and not risky when they themselves multitask while driving. Don’t be misled by this type of thinking. Distracted driving is always dangerous – and it WILL prevent you from seeing things you should be noticing in your driving environment.
  4. Report impaired motorists to the authorities – If you see other drivers on the road who are driving in a way that seems to indicate possible impairment (because, for instance, they are weaving in and out of traffic), report these motorists to local law enforcement authorities. Getting impaired or reckless drivers off of the road is another important way to reduce your risk of a collision.
  5. Always buckle up – Wearing your seatbelt can reduce your risk of sustaining a serious or even life-threatening injury by nearly 50 percent if an accident occurs. So, always wear your seatbelt and strongly urge others riding with you to do the same.

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