5 Summertime Driving Dangers & How to Limit Your Crash Risk

5 Summertime Driving Dangers & How to Limit Your Crash Risk

Summer is one of the most dangerous times to be driving on U.S. roads. In fact, federal crash data shows that, July and August are the deadliest months to be on the roads, with each averaging 116 traffic deaths every day.

Summertime is the riskiest time to drive due to a number of season-specific variables that conspire to jeopardize that easy, breezy summer feeling.  These variables include:

  1. Congested roads – Vacationing drivers can flood the roads, complicating the driving conditions. This is especially true considering that vacationers are often unfamiliar with the roads, which can lead to erratic or unpredictable driving, as well as driving too slowly.
  2. More inexperienced drivers on the roads – With school out for summer, more teen drivers are on the roads for longer periods of time. Teen motorists lack the experience that older drivers may have, which can lead to questionable decisions behind the wheel and a higher risk of auto crashes.
  3. More bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians sharing the roads – In addition to there being more drivers on the roads during the summertime, the warmer weather also tends to bring out other roadway travelers, like bicyclists, motorcycle riders and pedestrians. Because these travelers can be harder to see than other drivers (and because they may move at different speeds than cars), this can further complicate summertime driving conditions and increase the crash risk.
  4. More road construction projects – States with harsh winters, like Colorado, tend to plan roadway construction projects during summer months. This can mean more blocked lanes, road closures and/or detours. It can also mean more heavy equipment on the sides of roads. All of these factors can also contribute to more difficult driving conditions during the summertime.
  5. Summer heat impacting vehicle performance – The heat of the summer can change the viscosity of your vehicle’s oil while impacting tire pressure and critical engine parts. This can increase the risk of equipment failures, like tire blowouts and overheating engines during the summer. And when equipment failures occur, it can be far more difficult (if not impossible) for motorists to safely control their vehicles.

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