There’s nothing like the thrill of a careening roller coaster, or the bone-jarring flips and twists of the Vortex. As they say, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. And as Denver personal injury lawyers ― that’s when we get a call.

Amusement parks are fun because the thrill rides are supposed to be safe. We reassure ourselves that they are inspected regularly. We trust trade-group statistics that say our chances of being seriously injured at a fixed-site amusement park are one in 24 million. But after a summer that saw a Texas woman fall to her death from a Six Flags roller coaster… and several others seriously injured on the Vortex at the North Carolina State Fair… it’s time to check the facts. Here are a few:

  • Colorado amusement parks are regulated by the Department of Labor, which employs one field inspector to monitor 100 licensed operators in the state.
  • The operators are required to get an annual third-party inspection ― otherwise, they do their own regular inspections.
  • A KDVR report this summer revealed that nine Colorado operators had been fined as of July ― only one due to a safety violation.
  • The last major accident in Colorado reportedly occurred in 2010 at the