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Is Age A Factor With Regard to Driver Safety?

No driver is perfect, but some motorists get in car accidents far more often than others.

Who are those drivers?

Teens and the elderly.

In fact, the latest statistics show that, when compared to middle-aged drivers:

· Teen drivers are in about 9 times as many auto wrecks.

· Motorists 80 and over are in about 5.5 times as many motor vehicle crashes.

And those crashes aren’t just fender benders.

The wrecks caused by teen and elderly drivers are often catastrophic. While teen driver wrecks have the highest risk of ending in injury and the second-highest death rate, the crashes involving elderly drivers are most likely to end in fatal injuries—especially if these older, more physically vulnerable drivers are the ones who have been seriously hurt.

Breaking the numbers down to a daily view, that means that, every day in the U.S., motor vehicle accidents:

· Kill at least 20 elderly drivers and hurt about 700 other older motorists

· Fatally injure at least 7 teen motorists and hurt nearly 800 other teens

When you take a closer look at the car accident statistics and facts for each group, the reality of the risks they bring and how often they are in wrecks can really hit home. In particular, when it comes to teen driver accidents:

· 3 out of 4 crashes caused by teen motorists are the result of a “critical” error made by the teen driver.

· The top three mistakes that teen drivers make behind the wheel—and that contribute to at least half of all teen driver accidents—are speeding, failing to scan the road for potential hazards, and distraction.

· Teen driver accidents cost at least $12 billion every year.

With elderly driver accidents:

· More than 3 in every 4 motorists over 65 takes at least one medication. Less than 33% of those drivers recognize that those drugs could have an impact on how they operate motor vehicles.

· At age 75, the risk of deadly crashes for elderly drivers sharply increases. This is not due to the fact that older drivers are expected to be in severe crashes; instead, it’s a result of older drivers’ being significantly more vulnerable to injury and death in less serious wrecks.

· The fatality rate for older drivers who are involved in wrecks is 17 times higher than that for motorists between the ages of 25 to 64.

These facts and statistics paint a clear picture of how different drivers can bring different risks to the road. They don’t, however, do anything to help you stay safe on the roads or to help you after you’ve been in an auto accident.

When that happens, you need the experienced car accident lawyers at Bell & Pollock, P.C. We can evaluate your potential claim, determine fault, and help you at every step going forward. We are proud to be champions for accident survivors, and we are exceptionally skilled at developing the best Legal Game Plan™ when it’s time to recover.

From our offices conveniently located in Denver and Steamboat Springs, our lawyers provide the highest quality legal services to people throughout the Denver metro area, Arapahoe County, Routt County, and the state of Colorado.

Now a Word from Gary Bell

By Gary Bell of Bell & Pollock Injury Attorneys

Car accidents can happen anytime, anywhere—no matter how old you or the at-fault driver is. When you do find yourself involved in a wreck, it can be hard to know when to contact a lawyer. In fact, many people make the mistake of assuming they do not need an attorney after a crash. And that can end up hurting their car accident claim and their chances for a full, fair recovery.

Don’t let that happen to you.

You can start to get an idea of whether you need a lawyer after an auto accident by asking yourself these questions:

1. Is fault for the accident clear-cut or a point of debate? Fault for some motor vehicle accidents may be obvious and unquestioned. In many others, however, it’s not easy to determine who is at fault, and it may take further investigations to identify all of the factors that contributed to a wreck. Whenever fault is not clear in a crash, it’s in your best interests to retain an attorney who can help you identify each and every party who is liable for a crash.

2. Have I been wrongly accused of causing the crash? If so, you need an attorney ASAP. The truth is that evidence from a crash may be misinterpreted or overlooked, and that could put you in the hot seat when someone else is really to blame for the wreck. An attorney can help you fend off wrongful accusations while establishing who the true liable parties are.

3. What type of evidence is available to prove fault?

It’s not enough to know who is at fault for your accident. You need proof of liability. And you need to know how to collect and preserve that evidence—and present it when the time is right. This is another key area where the representation and counsel of a car accident lawyer can be invaluable. A skilled attorney will know what type of evidence to look for and the best ways to leverage that evidence to strengthen your claim.

4. How much damage did the accident cause? The more extensive the wreckage and injuries from the crash are, the more complicated compensation calculations can be. In fact, when wrecks cause severe injuries, you’ll need to figure out how much you have lost in past and future medical expenses and lost wages. Getting those numbers correct is essential to knowing and preserving the value of your claim. A lawyer can help you do that.

5. Am I ready to deal with insurance companies alone?

Insurers are not looking out for you. They are protecting their bottom line, which usually means that you should not expect fair dealings or fair compensation when you interact with insurance companies. The reality is that these companies use all sorts of tactics to try to avoid paying claims. A skilled car accident lawyer knows what those tactics are and how to diffuse them to help you protect your rights, interests, and claim.

6. Do I want to gamble with my claim & compensation by not having a lawyer?

The bottom line is that, without an attorney in your corner, you could be rolling the dice with your claim—and you could be making it far more difficult to achieve a successful resolution. There may be multiple at-fault parties, additional evidence, and more available compensation that you are not aware of. Plus, the process of resolving car accident claims can take time and strategic negotiations. As you recover from a car wreck, putting this in the hands of a lawyer can be the best way to set your claim and recovery up for success.

Whenever you need a lawyer after a car crash, you can always turn to the skilled car accident lawyers at Bell & Pollock, P.C. We are here to get justice, and we know how to devise the right Legal Game Plans™ to get victims full, fair compensation so they can move on with their lives.™

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