Colorado Motorcycle Accident Deaths Up 14% in 2016

Colorado Motorcycle Accident Deaths Up 14% in 2016

As of the end of July 2016, Colorado has seen a nearly 14 percent surge in the deaths caused by motorcycle accidents (when compared to the first seven months of 2015). Specifically, while 51 people were killed in Colorado motorcycle crashes from January through July 2015, over the same period this year, 58 motorcycle accident deaths have occurred in Colorado

This is according to the latest reports from officials at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), who are now taking action to try to bring these numbers down, prevent motorcycle accidents, and save lives.

To this end, CDOT has recently rolled out a new public safety awareness campaign, Look Twice for Motorcycles. Running through Labor Day, this campaign will involve a series of social media, radio, and print ads urging drivers to be conscious of and look for motorcycle riders. A significant portion of the messages will be targeted at young male riders, authorities have explained, as these riders comprise a significant portion of motorcycle crash victims.

Commenting on the spike in motorcyclist deaths and the new CDOT campaign, Sam Cole, CDOT Communications Manager, succinctly stated:

This is a growing and alarming problem, not just here in Colorado, but nationwide… A problem in which everyone—both riders and drivers—need to help combat.

Spike in Motorcycle Accident Deaths Not Limited to Colorado

Tragically, the surge in deadly motorcycle crashes in Colorado in 2016 has been mirrored by a similar spike nationwide. In fact, as the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) has reported, since 2014, deadly motorcycle accidents across the U.S. have jumped up about 10 percent.

What may be just as distressing as this trend are the facts that:

  • About 37 percent of the victims of fatal motorcycle wrecks were not wearing safety helmets.
  • At least 715 lives could have been saved (in 2013) if riders were wearing safety helmets at the time of their crash.

What do you think about the upward trend in deadly motorcycle accidents – both in Colorado and across the U.S.? Do you think the new CDOT campaign will be effective in turning the trend around? Tell us what you think on Facebook & Google+.

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