Brad Pollock: We are here today to talk to you about hit and run accidents. I’m Brad Pollock. In the studio today with me is Kevin Carlock.

Today, we’re going to talk about hit and runs. Kevin, how are you doing today?

Kevin Carlock: I’m doing great, Brad. Thanks for having me.

Brad Pollock: Good. Hit and runs, Kevin. We have a new law that’s come around, or we have a new law that’s about to come out. Tell us about it.

Kevin Carlock: We’ve got a couple new laws, and these are in response to what’s been really an unfortunate rash of hit and run incidents throughout the state, so the legislature is trying to address this.

On June the 5th, the governor signed senate bill 14-213, and what that does is that essentially doubles both the criminal and civil statute of limitations for hit and runs that involve vehicular homicide.

What’s a statute of limitations?

A statute of limitations sets the time in which legal action must be taken. There’s a statute of limitation for criminal acts, meaning that the state has to bring an action within a proscribed period of time, and there is a statute of limitations for civil acts, meaning that if you’re an injured party, you’re a plaintiff, you only have a certain amount of time to bring your claims against the negligent party.

What the legislature has done has given both the state and the relatives of victims of hit and runs, more time to bring legal action.

What we’ve done is we’ve doubled the criminal statute of limitations for hit and run from five years to ten years.

That’s going to give the police and our DA a lot more time to conduct investigations and bring actions against drivers that kill people and leave the scene, and we’ve done the same thing for the civil statute of limitations for wrongful death involving hit and run vehicular homicides. We’ve doubled that from two years to four years, so if you’re a relative of someone that’s been killed in a hit and run crash, then you’re going to have four years to bring that wrongful death action.

Brad Pollock: We’ve talked before about wrongful death actions and who has the right to bring them and when