Superior Personal Injury Representation in Colorado

A personal injury can change your life forever. What can intensify the psychological impacts of being seriously or permanently injured, however, can be:

  • The financial impacts of these injuries, which can prevent people from being able to earn a living as they face mounting medical expenses
  • The knowledge that the injury could have been prevented had someone else been more careful and responsible.

The Colorado personal injury lawyers at Bell & Pollock, P.C. are all too familiar with the devastation that can come from negligence and personal injuries. That is why we are committed to being champions for victims’ rights and doing everything we can to help our clients succeed in their pursuits of justice and financial recovery.

The Personal Injury Practice at Bell & Pollock

The Colorado personal injury lawyers at Bell & Pollock have three decades of experience favorably resolving various types of personal injury claims. Let them help you with your financial recovery.

The Colorado personal injury lawyers at Bell & Pollock have three decades of experience favorably resolving various types of personal injury claims. Let them help you with your financial recovery.

Dedication, excellence and aggressive legal advocacy have been the cornerstones of the successful Colorado personal injury practice at Bell & Pollock, P.C. Some of the various types of personal injury cases our lawyers are skilled at resolving include those related to:

  • Traffic accidents, including auto wrecks, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents – While traffic accidents often result from driver negligence, they can also be caused by the negligence of third parties, such as equipment manufacturers or the entities responsible for maintaining safe roadways.
  • Recreational accidents, including skiing accidents, watercraft accidents and ATV accidents – These accidents can also arise from the negligence of those operating recreational vehicles or crafts, as well as from the parties that make these vehicles, repair them, etc.
  • Unsafe premises, including slip and fall accidents – Unsafe premises can be present at private and public locations alike. In many cases, unsafe premises result from the negligence of building owners, property managers and/or landlords.
  • Animal attacks, including dog bites and dog attacks – Dog owners or those responsible for looking after animals are commonly liable after dogs bite or attack others.
  • Nursing home neglect and abuse – Failing to supervise or properly nourish residents can be forms of neglect while abuse can come in the form of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal harm. Commonly, such neglect and abuse stems from negligent nursing home staff – and possibly even the negligence of the corporations that own and run nursing homes.
  • Insurance disputes – Whether insurers are delaying or undervaluing payouts for claims or they have wrongly denied a claim, they can be held liable for not honoring their policies and failing to pay claimants the compensation to which they are entitled.
  • Wrongful deaths – No sum of money will ever make up for the death of a loved one. However, a wrongful death case can help families hold negligent parties accountable, providing some sense of justice, along with essential financial support to assist families in properly laying their loved ones to rest.

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