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Common Causes: Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado

The Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado

Motorcycle accidents often leave drivers facing severe injuries and rising bills for property damage. There are many causes to consider, but negligence or dangerous behavior is surprisingly common. The motorcycle accident lawyers from Bell & Pollock go into more detail below.

Negligence Causes Motorcycle Accidents

Drivers who operate their vehicles negligently often cause severe motorcycle accidents. Negligent actions are careless or illegal in many cases, and common infringements include a tendency to:

  • Run a red light
  • Ignore stop signs
  • Exceed the speed limit
  • Drive too fast for the prevailing weather conditions
  • Drive the wrong direction down one-way roads
  • Tailgate
  • Weave between lanes

In Colorado, these actions could represent negligence if there is an accident with another vehicle or a pedestrian.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

When drivers decide to climb behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or using drugs, they break the law. In Colorado, there are harsh penalties for putting other drivers at risk this way. Alcohol directly impacts a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle safely, including:

  • Slower reaction times
  • Poor distance judgment
  • Balance issues

Motorcycle accidents are more likely with intoxication. If there has been a collision with a drunk driver, contact reputable teams like Bell & Pollock to explore the options for a personal injury insurance claim.

Hazards in the Road

Not all motorcycle accidents happen through the negligence of other drivers. Hazards commonly cause a collision, especially where there is snow or ice on the roads. Drivers could also be injured in a motorcycle accident after encountering potholes or similar damage, where the obstruction causes a motorcyclist to lose control of the vehicle.

Due to possible hazards on the road, Colorado advises all motorcycle riders to wear motorcycle helmets for an additional layer of protection. It is the safest piece of equipment to use while operating a motorcycle on the open road, especially in poor weather conditions.

Inexperience Causes Accidents

Motorcycle accidents frequently occur due to motorcyclist inexperience. Legally, all operators must receive a specific license, which requires motorcycle drivers to pass a special test and complete a training program. However, training is inadequate to prepare new drivers for every possible challenge.

For example, driving on the highway for the first time represents a significant challenge for many new riders. It takes practice and experience to operate a motorcycle safely in Colorado year-round.

Motorcycle Defects and Accidents

Accidents also occur through no fault of the driver, like where motorcycle manufacturers produce defective vehicles. Defects in design or manufacture could compromise important safety aspects, like braking or steering. If there is an accident, a law firm like Bell & Pollock could help prepare a liability claim that may make your recovery easier.

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Now a Word from Gary Bell

Auto Talk

By Gary Bell of Bell & Pollock Injury Attorneys

You’re traveling on the interstate at a high rate of speed when suddenly something unexpected appears in the roadway that doesn’t belong. You have only moments to react and avoid a crash. Hitting the item could cause you to lose control. Swerve too quickly and you might end up in a ditch, or worse.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, debris in the roadway was a factor in more than 200,000 crashes between 2011 and 2014. Of those crashes, approximately 39,000 resulted in injuries and 500 resulted in death. Accidents where drivers swerved to avoid debris resulted in 37% of the debris-related crashes causing fatalities. Crashes caused by debris are four times more likely to occur on interstate highways where high speeds can easily dislodge cargo and the open road can lead to driver complacency.

Man-made roadway debris includes pieces from vehicles, unsecured cargo, or detached trailers. Therefore, it is imperative that before you get behind the wheel, you make sure your vehicle is safe to drive and safe for those you share the road with. Routine maintenance can identify mufflers or other hardware attached to your vehicle that can rust out, drag on the ground, dislodge, and turn into hazardous roadway debris. If you’re towing or hauling materials, it is important to double check that your load is secure. That includes using ropes and harnesses, tying large items directly to the truck or trailer, and making sure that you haven’t over-loaded the truck bed or trailer.

Often, drivers who leave debris either do it unknowingly or are unable/unwilling to retrieve it so when you’re on the road it’s critical that you pay attention and drive defensively. The AAA Foundation recommends constantly scanning the road at least 12-15 seconds ahead for debris and other vehicles so you have time to react and safely get over.

You can protect yourself by carrying an adequate amount of “uninsured motorist coverage” and “med pay” with your auto insurance in case you suffer an injury caused by roadway debris. If you’ve been injured by roadway debris, contact the Law Firm of Bell & Pollock to establish your Legal Game Plan.™

If you’ve been injured by the carelessness of another or by the negligence of an intoxicated driver, contact one of our experienced lawyers at the Law Firm of Bell & Pollock to go over your options and establish a Legal Game Plan.™

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