How to Prepare for a Car Accident

You really need to know what to do to prepare for a car accident, obviously, in advance of the accident itself.  The purpose of this article is try to cover some basics as to what you need to do to protect yourself before an accident happens.

This is all about car insurance. It’s all about what kind of coverage you have and how you  can protect yourself, right now, today, before any accident happens. The bottom line question in this area is, what can you do to protect yourself from the “other guy.” This means the at-fault driver who causes a crash, hits you and injures you, affecting your life, your work and likely even affecting your relationships. What can you specifically do, right now? Today?

Whether it’s a hit and run, a driver whose insurance has “expired,” a driver who doesn’t carry enough insurance and/or any accident and/or any other type of irresponsible driver, you