What a Car Accident Lawyer Can Do for You after a Collision

Picking up the pieces after an auto wreck in Denver, can be difficult, especially if the accident led to serious, debilitating injuries. While victims will need to focus on their physical and mental recovery after a car accident, retaining an experienced attorney can be another vital step to take. Continue reading to find out why.

If you are primarily concerned with your financial recovery after a car accident and you need the best representation ASAP, however, do not hesitate to contact a Denver car accident attorney at Bell & Pollock, P.C. Our trusted lawyers are dedicated champions of the people, and we will do everything necessary to help car accident victims obtain the justice and compensation to which they are entitled.

4 Ways an Auto Accident Attorney Can Help You

A Denver car accident attorney at Bell & Pollock can help you protect your interests, craft the strongest case and maximize your financial recovery. Contact us to find more about how we can help you.

A Denver car accident attorney at Bell & Pollock can help you protect your interests, craft the strongest case and maximize your financial recovery. Contact us to find more about how we can help you.

With an experienced car accident attorney on your side, you can rely on your lawyer to:

  1. Identify all negligent parties – Knowing who is liable after a car accident is not always clear. In fact, even if another driver may have been among the negligent parties responsible for the collision, there may be other liable parties, some of whom may not have even been at the scene on the day of the accident (such as a trucking company or an automaker).A seasoned auto accident attorney can help you figure out all of the parties that played a role in causing the accident, allowing you to hold each of these parties responsible for compensating you for your injuries and losses.
  2. Craft you the strongest possible claim – The process of compiling evidence for a car accident claim can be as complicated as it may be tricky, especially when multiple parties may have been liable, police were not called to the scene of the accident, etc.While a car accident lawyer can take care of the all of the complicated administrative work necessary to get a case started, (s)he can also investigate the collision, obtain all available evidence to support victims’ claims, retain expert witnesses (when appropriate) and invoke other resources to ensure that victims have the best possible case moving forward.
  3. Defend your rights and interests at every stage of your case – Those responsible for causing car accidents, as well as the insurance companies that represent them, can be daunting and difficult to deal with, particularly when victims are struggling to overcome their car accident injuries.In addition to defending victims’ rights against these formidable parties, a car accident lawyer can also ensure that victims’ interests are protected at every phase of their case, paving the way for them to obtain the full amount of compensation to which they are entitled.
  4. Help you maximize your financial recovery – This may be the single most important way that a car accident lawyer can help victims, as financial recoveries can be the key to victims’ physical and psychological recovery.While a car accident lawyer can help victims go after all liable parties, (s)he can also make sure that victims obtain the damages they deserve for their injuries, future medical bills, property damage, lost wages and mental suffering. Ultimately, this means that an attorney can help negotiate an appropriate settlement or, when that may not be possible, fight to help victims maximize their financial recoveries in court.

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