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How to Read Your Colorado Car Accident Report

How to Read Your Colorado Car Accident Report

The State of Colorado Traffic Accident Report contains a dizzying array of special codes, abbreviations and symbols. Many people involved in a car crash in Colorado for the first time have a hard time decoding this complicated, 3-page-long form.

Knowing what to do after an accident can be overwhelming. To assist you, we created this sample accident report with comments. We know how frustrating accidents can be because we have worked with people throughout the state dealing with similar situations.

We also understand that every accident is unique. That’s why we strongly urge you to contact us as soon as possible. Whether you were involved in a rear-end accident or a head-on collision, our experienced Colorado auto accident attorneys can help you understand your rights and answer your questions. Call (877) 744-5900 and schedule a free case evaluation right now.

 Sample Colorado Car Accident Report

Pages on your Accident Report

Page 1:

This first page alone contains more than 83 different sections devoted to different aspects of accidents. The information written by the investigating police officer in each specific box can make a difference in how insurance companies compensate you for your accident. Make sure you agree with the police officer’s assessment of the damage to your vehicle listed in area with the phrase “Trailer VIN#” in the box and a diagram of a vehicle. Also pay close attention to the row below with abbreviations like “T.U” (which means Traffic Unit Number), “Pos” for position of occupants in vehicle and “Rest” for restrictions such as corrective lenses. One of the most important abbreviations in this column is “Inj. Sev.,” which refers to injury severity. There are four different codes the officer can enter in this column, including “00” for no injury.

Page 2:

Most of this page is devoted to a description of your accident by the investigating officer. A series of boxes also run alongside the page. The boxes have double letters like “AA” and “BB.” These boxes apply to accidents involving tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles. The “AA” box is for the carrier type. The “DD” box is for the number of axles on the truck. Another important box is “JJ,” which indicates whether hazardous materials were released during the accident.

Page 3:

The final page of the State of Colorado Traffic Accident Report states that this supplemental page applies specifically to fatal traffic accidents. But this page can also be used for people injured in car accidents. Important sections include the one labeled “Accident Avoidance Maneuver.” This section indicates if the driver did anything to avoid causing an accident. Also pay close attention to column “(D)” in the bottom half of the page marked “Alcohol Suspected (Officer Opinion Only).” If the officer marks yes for the other driver, we can help you pursue legal action against the drunk driver who caused your accident.


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