Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Drunk or Drugged Motorists

No matter how careful you are when riding, you can’t control the actions, choices or sobriety of other motorists. Tragically, this can mean that riders are commonly sharing the roads with motorists who are impaired by alcohol and/or drugs. When these drunk or drugged drivers cause motorcycle crashes:

• Riders can suffer severe injuries, as well as devastating emotional and financial impacts.
• Injured riders will likely have options for fighting back and holding the reckless drivers accountable.

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How to handle being injured by a drunk or distracted driver


Drunk Driver Motorcycle Accidents: Important Answers for Crash Victims

Every motorcycle accident case is different, and the specific details of a crash will affect the options for recovery. While our lawyers can provide you with specific answers and advice regarding your case, the following shares some generally helpful information regarding motorcycle crashes caused by impaired motorists.

How Do I Know If the Other Driver Was Drunk or Drugged?

There may be various indications that another driver involved in your motorcycle accident was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs at the time of the crash. Some more common signs can include (and are not limited to):

• A disoriented appearance and/or the incoherent statements of the other driver
• The other driver being issued a citation or being arrested following the crash.

The police report for the crash, as well as witness statements, BAC test results, and/or insurance company investigations, may back up these warning signs and help establish the fact another driver was impaired.

The bottom line here is that, while it may not be completely clear whether the other motorist was drunk or drugged immediately after the crash:

• Additional investigation can help reveal if or when impairment was a factor.
• The insight and help of an attorney can be essential to proving that another motorist was drunk or drugged at the time of the wreck.

What If I Was a Passenger Injured by a Drunk or Drugged Rider?

Passengers hurt by drunk or drugged riders can also be entitled to compensation for their crash-related injuries, medical bills, lost wages and other losses. In these cases, it’s also critical to have the representation of a lawyer who can help injured passengers deal with insurance companies and pursue all available legal remedies.

What Kind of Compensation Is Available for Victims of Alcohol- or Drug-Related Motorcycle Accidents?

Victims of drunk (or drugged) driving motorcycle accidents can be eligible for financial recoveries that include (but are not necessarily limited to) awards for their:

• Past and future medical bills
• Property damage
• Lost wages
• Mental suffering.

When these crashes cause fatal injuries, surviving families can be entitled to recoveries for (but not necessarily limited to):

• Funeral and burial costs
• Past medical bills
• Lost wages (including lost earning potential)
• Loss of consortium.

Of course, no amount of money will ever negate the impacts of serious or deadly motorcycle accidents – or make up for the reckless choices of drunk or drugged drivers. Fighting for compensation after these crashes happen, however, can be pivotal to gaining a sense of justice and closure. That, in turn, can be the key to picking up the pieces and starting to move forward.

How Can an Attorney Help Me after a Motorcycle Crash? Do I Really Need a Lawyer?

Yes, you do need a lawyer after a drunk or drugged driving motorcycle accident because a lawyer can help you in a number of ways, such as by helping you:

• Avoid the mistakes or missteps that could compromise your claim or reduce your recovery
• Compile the strongest possible case
• Resolve your motorcycle accident claim as favorably and efficiently as possible so you can put the crash behind you and focus on the future.

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