How Can An Auto Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Denver law firm Bell & Pollock understands the difficulties that can arise after a truck accident. We have seen first-hand the severe injuries and significant damage that can result from a crash between a large truck and a smaller passenger vehicle. It’s not unusual for injury victims and families who lost loved ones to face a difficult struggle to recover compensation for their losses.

At Bell & Pollock, we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about truck accidents in Colorado and what we can do to help injury victims in each case. We hope this information demonstrates why we believe we can help you with your truck accident in Denver. We’re proud to be your legal information center, and we encourage you to explore our website.

Should I hire a lawyer if I’m involved in a truck accident in Colorado?

Yes. A tractor-trailer accident is much more complex than an automobile accident involving another car. It’s not just the truck driver you need to deal with after an accident. Often, you have to contact trucking companies and all the other companies involved with tractor-trailers: the company that loaded the truck, the one that unloaded it, plus all the insurance companies and attorneys. Our Colorado truck accident lawyers have years of experience dealing with such complicated accidents. We know how to investigate truck accidents, negotiate with insurance companies and deliver results. Your case matters here.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident call us for a free case evaluation.


Can a lawyer help me fill out paperwork after my truck accident?

Yes. The amount of paperwork people must fill out for truck accidents in Colorado can be enormous. Sometimes, insurance companies and trucking companies put pressure on people to fill these forms out fast. Don’t let them rush you. Take your time. And we can help. Our accident attorneys in Colorado know what information insurance companies want after an accident, and we know how to help you find the facts you need for any paperwork. We’re on your side.

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Should I contact the trucking company after my truck accident?

You don’t have to contact a trucking company if you don’t want to do so. If you do, we suggest simply telling them you have hired an accident attorney at Bell & Pollock and they should direct all their questions about the accident to us. We can also help track down the trucking company that employs the driver that caused your accident. For more information, visit our page, trucking companies and truck accidents. 

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Can I hold trucking companies responsible for my truck accident?

Yes. There are many reasons why you can hold trucking companies responsible for your truck accident. If the trucking company knowingly hired a truck driver with a history of violations, you might have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit in Colorado. The same goes for trucking companies that force truck drivers to work long hours and not take mandatory breaks. Drivers of commercial trucks are the agents of the company that owns the truck. If the driver causes an accident, the trucking company may be liable.

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Should I accept the first offer from an insurance company for my truck accident?

No. Insurance companies often make offers to injury victims soon after a truck accident. They do this because they know that injury victims want to resolve their case as soon as possible. The problem is most insurance companies offer injury victims far less than the true cost of a truck accident. As a result, injury victims lose out on money they need for medical bills, lost wages and other major expenses. We can work with you and negotiate with insurance companies. Learn more about this topic by going to the following page: Should I call my insurance company if I’m in a truck accident?

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Can a lawyer help me file a truck accident lawsuit?

Yes. If we believe that’s the best way to obtain the money you deserve for your accident, we can work with you to file a lawsuit. But we will only do so after carefully talking with you about all your legal options. In many cases, we can negotiate a settlement for a client, but sometimes we need to file a lawsuit. You will ultimately decide what to do. You’re in charge. We’re simply here to serve your legal needs and provide you with valuable information designed to help you make smarter choices.

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How much does it cost to hire a lawyer for a truck accident in Colorado?

Some lawyers charge people by the hour. Bell & Pollock takes a different approach. We work on a contingency fee basis. That means you don’t owe us anything unless we win. This arrangement enables us to provide sound legal advice to clients who need it most. You don’t have to worry about whether you can afford to hire a lawyer.

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Honest answers from a Denver CO truck accident attorney you can trust

Make sure you take your truck accident seriously right from the start. Call Bell & Pollock. We know all the tricks and games insurance companies try to play. Don’t be caught off guard.Contact us and discover what we can do for you.

Building a strong legal case takes time and energy. You can’t simply assume that an insurance company will fairly compensate you for your truck accident. Often, you have to negotiate or take aggressive legal action.

Expect more. Contact Bell & Pollock – “Champions of the People.” Call toll free (877) 744-5900 or (303) 795-5900 and schedule a free case evaluation. We honestly care about what happens to you.


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Fortunately, I was referred to Robert Brovege by a family member. He and his paralegal always took time to explain everything that was happening in my case, and what the next step would be. It was great knowing that someone was always in my corner. I would highly recommend Robert Brovege.

G. Grant, From Denver

I am happy with the personal attention that I received from Bell & Pollock on my automobile accident case. Bell & Pollock successfully negotiated a settlement with the at fault party’s insurance carrier. Bell & Pollock made the entire process less stressful for me.

S.B., From Arvada

Gary and Hollie at Bell & Pollock live up to their motto “Champions of the People.”

They have worked all hours of the day, night, weekends and holidays assisting me with personal injury accident claim and related disability issues.  As a single parent to a six year-old little girl I feel great comfort in knowing that Bell & Pollock are here to help us through these difficult times. Thank you for all you do!

Nicole C., From Denver

I sustained serious injuries after a collision with a hit and run driver.  Bell & Pollock represented me in my lawsuit against the at-fault driver, and helped settle my underinsured motorist case with my automobile insurer.  I am very happy with the representation that I received from Bell & Pollock.

Linda N., From Denver
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