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After a work accident, injury or death, a Denver workers compensation lawyer at Bell & Pollock can help you secure the benefits you deserve.

Denver Workers Compensation Lawyer

About 150 workers are killed by fatal workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses every day in the U.S.Annually, about 3 million others are injured while working.2

While the Colorado workers’ compensation system has been set up to provide essential financial support to workers and their families after work-related injuries or deaths occur, this system can be as complex as it may be adversarial. This can make it difficult for people to obtain the workers’ compensation benefits to which they may be entitled.

At Bell & Pollock, P.C., our Denver attorneys are dedicated to representing injured workers and their families, helping them navigate the complexities of the Colorado workers’ compensation system so they are able to secure the full amount of benefits they deserve. Effective at standing up to insurance companies and other daunting opponents, our lawyers will work relentlessly to help our clients succeed in their financial recovery.

Colorado Workers’ Comp: What You Need to Know

  • Eligibility for benefits – Colorado workers who have been hurt on the job, regardless of whether they may have caused the accident or event, are generally entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Those who develop occupational illnesses or who have lost a loved one to a fatal work accident can also be entitled to these benefits. For a free case evaluation to find out if you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in Colorado, contact us.
  • The deadlines – After being hurt at work, by law, workers are required to inform their employers in writing within four (4) days of the accident or incident that caused the injury. Missing this deadline can result in claim delays and possibly even benefit reductions.Those who are too badly hurt to provide this notification to their employers can rely on an experienced lawyer at Bell & Pollock to take care of this – and all of the other bureaucratic work necessary for these claims – on their behalf.
  • After reporting an injury to an employer – An employer will have to report the injury to its insurance company within 10 days of the injury, and this “Employer’s First Report of Injury” will get a workers’ compensation claim started.The insurance company will then have 20 days (after the Employer’s Report has been filed with the state3) to issue a claim decision. This decision will either be an “Admission of Liability” (i.e., an approval for benefits) or a “Notice of Contest (Denial)” (i.e., a denial of benefits).
  • A word about insurance companies – Injured workers should be aware that insurance companies are not on their sides. Instead, insurers are typically looking out for their own bottom lines and their clients (i.e., the employers).This can often result in insurance companies undervaluing workers’ compensation benefits or possibly wrongly denying legitimate benefit claims. Consequently, having an experienced attorney on your side as you pursue benefits can be essential to protecting your rights, as well as your entitlements to benefits.

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If you have been injured on the job, have been diagnosed with an occupational illness or have lost a loved one to a fatal work accident, you can rely on a Denver workers compensation lawyer at Bell & Pollock, P.C. for experienced help advocating your rights and pursuing compensation. At Bell & Pollock, our lawyers are proud to be champions of the people and to provide injured workers with superior representation to help them maximize their financial recovery.

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2: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

3: The Colorado Department of Labor & Employment