Attorney Gary Bell Jr

A. Gary Bell, Jr.

A. Gary Bell, Jr., ESQUIRE

Gary Bell is founder and partner of the Law Firm of Bell & Pollock, PC. He has specialized, and still specializes, in all areas of motor vehicle collisions from auto to trucking and bus accidents, as well as drunk driving incidents, hit and run accidents, bad faith insurance accidents with regard to both Med Pay, UIM, and insurance coverages. He has handled high-profile cases over the years, has been the recipient of numerous awards with regard to his special expertise, trial practice, and professionalism.


Gary served his service during the Vietnam War era, serving in the United States Air Force. He was commissioned an officer and worked through the ranks of 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant, up to Captain. He was offered a regular commission by the President of the United States, which he ultimately declined to attend law school and pursue his life-long passion of representing individual victims, against the odds. While in the United States Military, he received numerous awards.


Gary attended undergraduate school at the University of New Mexico. He graduated with a BBA from the University of New Mexico. Subsequently, he was inducted into the United States Military, served his “boot camp” in San Antonio, Texas, after which time he went into active duty in the United States Air Force. He received his Honorable Discharge from the United States Air Force and immediately began further educational pursuits. Gary received an MBA degree from the University of Oklahoma, after which time, he attended law school at Oklahoma City University. He graduated second in his law class and was awarded the degree of “Juris Doctor with High Distinction.”


Gary formed the law firm of Bell & Pollock, PC with Brad Pollock in 1984 with the vision and passion to represent injured victims and help them and their families put their lives back together again. That has been an ongoing, driving motivation and passion for Gary Bell, his partner Brad Pollock, and for the law firm of Bell & Pollock. Additionally, Gary has other passions as well. He is an active bicyclist and has bicycled virtually all over the world. He has bicycled in more than 20 countries, including France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Nova Scotia, Ireland, and other venues as well. As an example, here is a picture of Gary bicycling in Switzerland in 2018. He vigorously bicycles in Colorado and the mountain towns, as well, and especially in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where Bell & Pollock has a second office.

Gary and Wife with mountains in background
Gary's Wife

Fighting for victims rights is one of Gary’s biggest passions, another passion Mr Bell has is riding his road bike with his wife. Gary and his wife enjoying biking throughout Colorado in such places as the Maroon Bells, as well as traveling to far off places to experience other cultures, and different mountainous terrain.

Gary also was an active scuba diver. He has logged over 1000 dives in the ocean and has covered many different venues, including the Caribbean, and including the Great Barrier Reef, New Zealand, Australia (the gold coast area), and including Townsville and Cairns, Australia.

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