Case Study: How crazy are PPC Prices for Personal Injury Lawyers


Image of pay per click.

Based on data obtained through the Keyword Planner tool from Google Adwords, as recent as June 2018, there’s a stark reality when it comes to price-per-click (PPC) marketing for personal injury attorneys: it’s expensive. “Car Accident Lawyer” and “Car Accident Attorney” are some of the most sought-after searches, and because of this, they can have incredibly high price tags.

However, it’s important to note that the prices are dictated by the keyword’s popularity, and a keyword’s popularity is dictated by its effectiveness. That means that despite the hefty investment, those PPC keywords can really pay off.


States with the Highest Search Volume

For “Car Accident Lawyer,” the most searches are made in California, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and New York, respectively. For “Car Accident Attorney,” it’s Florida, New York, California, Georgia, and Texas, respectively. These are the five hottest markets for personal injury PPC marketing in the country, each showcasing a particularly large pool of potential clients.


5 States with the Fewest Monthly Searches

West Virginia, Idaho, Alaska, North Dakota, and Montana tie for the fewest and yet still price both search terms at above $100. However, comparing the populations of the states with the most searches versus the states with the least account for much of the discrepancy. In fact, California has the most automobile registrations (14,768,392 in 2016), while Texas has the second most with just over 8.2 million. And interestingly, while the top four car markets make up most of the states with the highest search volumes, Georgia has the 9th biggest car market while being a top tier PPC consideration.


Price Doesn’t Necessarily Mean High-Traffic

Again, each PPC is determined by the competition. Notice how Georgia is the most expensive “Car Accident Attorney,” priced at $950 per click, yet the average number of searches per month is 600. Compare that to New York, which brings in 5,500 searches for the same keyword per month, and each click is priced at just $92.96. Not exactly nothing, but it’s less than 10% of the Georgia price. If your firm extends across state lines? This type of information can be a game-changer.

Where Colorado Falls

Colorado is the 24th state out of the 50 for car registrations, and averages around 600 searches per month for both “Car Accident Lawyer” and “Car Accident Attorney,” each priced at roughly $275 per click. This showcases a healthy level of competition, but it’s also an accessible marketplace for firms big and small. Just look at Georgia!