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How Do I Recover Damages if Injured as a Passenger in Colorado?

The simple answer is that you recover from the person who is at fault. Of course, with nearly 30 years as Colorado auto accident attorneys, we know that there’s no such thing as a simple answer.

The first recovery resource available to you as a passenger in the vehicle of a non-household member is insurance coverage. In Colorado’s fault-based system of insurance:

Whoever is found to be at fault, it’s not likely to be you as a passenger. You’ll be assumed to be an innocent victim in an auto accident unless you either

  1. Committed an overt action to distract or impair the driver, or
  2. Knowingly got into a car with a driver who was intoxicated.

If insurance coverage isn’t sufficient to compensate you for medical bills and other damages such as pain, suffering and loss of income ― or if you feel pressured to sign an insurance company settlement ― it may be time to consult with an experienced auto injury attorney to explore your rights to fair and full compensation.