Insurance Coverage for Out-of-State Crashes

Insurance Coverage for Out-of-State Crashes

Am I covered if I am in an auto accident outside of Colorado?

All auto insurance policies are valid nationwide, even though insurance coverage requirements may vary depending on which state you live in.

If you carry relatively strong coverage in Colorado (which we highly recommend), that coverage WILL protect you throughout your travels.

However, if you decide to carry only Colorado’s minimum coverage, when you drive to another state, your coverage may be automatically adjusted higher without you even knowing it.

If you carry the Colorado minimum coverage of $25,000, when you drive into a state that has higher minimum coverage requirements than Colorado, your auto insurance company will automatically adjust your coverage to match the state you are driving in.

For instance, if you drive in a state such as Texas, where the state minimum is $30,000, and you get into an accident, your policy will change to $30,000 while in Texas (at no additional cost).

If the state’s limits are lower, such as in Florida, your limits will not change.

For example, the minimum limits in Florida are $10,000. If you have a Colorado insurance policy and cause an accident in Florida, your liability limits will remain at $25,000.

In other words:

Your minimum insurance coverage can only increase to match other states’ higher minimum coverage requirements, and under no circumstances will it be lowered as you drive around the country.

As a point of reference, the Colorado’s neighboring states all have minimum liability limits of $25,000. Additionally, if a state requires a certain type of coverage you don’t hold, such as personal injury protection (PIP insurance), your insurance company will likely extend that coverage to you temporarily.

If you are in an automobile accident in a state like Kansas, you may be afforded personal injury protection under Kansas law ($4,500 in medical expenses; up to $900 per month for disability or loss of income; $25 per day for in-home services; $4,500 for rehabilitation; $2,000 for funeral burial or cremation costs).

If you have been in an automobile accident in another state, you do NOT have to hire an out-of-state attorney.

Instead, call Denver’s most experienced car accident attorneys at Bell and Pollock for a Legal Game Plan.™ We can steer you through the rough legal potholes so that you are fully compensated for your losses and injuries. Contact us today to find out more about your recovery options.