n the United States, much of the focus on improving motor vehicle safety is centered around improving technology. Self-driving cars are just the latest in a long line of efforts to automate the process of driving, put responsibility on technology to make smart choices, and reduce the danger that human error can cause.

Is Government Telling the Whole Story on Motor Vehicle Collisions?

Recently, however, an article on USA Today questioned whether the focus on vehicle safety technology has really been the best way to improve conditions and make the roads safer. A personal injury lawyer knows that seat belts, airbags and other safety devices go a long way towards preventing injury when an accident happens. However, perhaps fewer people would die in motor vehicle collisions if US regulatory authorities stopped focusing so much on improving safety technology and instead more efforts were made to change driver behavior to avoid accidents in the first place.

Government Too Focused on Safety Technology & Not Enough on Safe Driving

On the website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, recent news stories include:

  • A notice of proposed rule-making on communications technology that would allow communication from one vehicle to another.
  • News on advanced frontal air bags and on air bag inflators.
  • Details on tools to increase car seat safety