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Laws change constantly in Colorado. If you’re not up to date on the latest information, you could be breaking the law or putting your rights at risk. At Denver, CO personal injury law firmBell & Pollock, we get it. We know what the latest developments are in state and federal laws, and we’re eager to share that information with the public. We’re proud to be your legal information center in Colorado.

What’s hot can change from one week to the next. But you can rely on Bell & Pollock to track the latest trends and hot legal topics from Denver to Washington, D.C. You can then find out more about these topics here and in our videos and podcasts. Many of our podcasts capture our live weekly radio broadcasts, which deal directly with a wide range of legal topics. These radio shows also enable the public to ask questions and receive knowledgeable answers from Bell & Pollock about legal issues that matter to you and the rest of the public.

One of the hottest legal topics in Colorado is medical marijuana. One of the questions we often hear at Bell & Pollock is:

You can find the answer to that question and many more here on our web site. Other questions we’re often asked by personal injury victims throughout Colorado include:

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