In 2010, car crashes were the leading cause of death among U.S. teenagers, with the total number of deaths numbering 3,115. Additionally, statistics showed that 16-year-olds had the highest crash rates among drivers of any age and that 59 percent of teenage passenger deaths occurred in vehicles with another teenager as the driver. If you are injured by a teenager, you may be able to sue a number of parties, including the teenager, the teen’s parents, and in certain instances, other parties whose actions may have contributed to the harm.

Suing the teen
There is a common misperception that juveniles cannot be sued for their wrongful actions. Under Colorado law, however, juveniles may be sued for their negligent or reckless acts if they are licensed by state government to act in an adult capacity (e.g., they possess a driver license).

Suing the teen’s parents
Colorado law has adopted a standard known as the “family car doctrine,” which allows parents to be held liable for their children’s car accidents if the parents knew of and consented to the teen’s use of the car.

Suing a bar that served alcohol to the teen
If the teenager was drunk at the time of the accident, you may be able to sue the person or establishment that illegally served the teen under Colorado’s dram shop law.

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