Trusted & Experienced Aurora Personal Injury Lawyers

No matter how careful or responsible you may be, you cannot always control the actions of others – and you cannot predict when others’ negligence or recklessness may end up harming you.

While this may be scary, the good news is that you can take action and empower yourself after suffering a personal injury. The best way to do that is to contact the Aurora personal injury lawyers at Bell & Pollock, P.C.

Our attorneys have more than 30 years’ experience providing injured people with the best possible personal injury representation. We are ready to put our skills, insight and resources to work helping you.

Initial consultations are free, and there is NO fee for our services unless compensation is secured for your claim. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions, explain your legal options and get you on the road to recovery

How Our Aurora Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You

When injured people and families turn to our Aurora lawyers for help, they can rely on receiving:

  • Honest answers regarding their rights and case – Our lawyers can eliminate any confusion injured people may have, assuaging their concerns while giving them helpful advice so they can set the right expectations about their case/situation.
  • Clear explanations regarding their options for moving forward – Information can empower people, giving them choices that allow them to make the best decision for themselves. Our lawyers will never pressure people to act. We are here to provide information and help those who choose to take action and pursue justice.
  • Superior representation at no upfront cost if they choose to proceed with us – While this means that each of our clients can count on receiving the highest quality representation from our attorneys, it also means they can rely on our lawyers to be accessible to them throughout the course of their case. Our lawyers always keep our clients informed and promptly respond to their inquiries whenever they arise.

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