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Since 1984, the Centennial personal injury attorneys at Bell & Pollock, P.C. have been tireless champions of the people, fighting to help the victims of negligence obtain the justice and financial recoveries they deserve. We know how to stand up to any opponent, and we can help our clients’ successfully navigate every phase of the legal recovery process.

Initial consultations are free, and there is NO fee for our services unless compensation is secured for your claim. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions, explain your legal options and get you on the road to recovery

We offer free, no obligation consultations so you can find out more about your potential claim. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions, explain your legal options and get you on the road to recovery.

We welcome your inquiries whenever you need answers. Until then, we invite you to look through the following for more insights about our practice and how we may be able to help you.

When it’s time to file a claim and recover from an auto wreck, the evidence you have can greatly influence the success of your case. The best evidence to support your claim will depend on the details associated with your crash. In general, however, evidence like (but not necessarily exclusive to) the following can be immensely helpful in bolstering car accident claims:

  • Police reports – These can uncover key details like traffic violations, suspected motorist impairment and the statements the involved parties made after the crash.
  • Photos of the injuries, vehicle damage and accident scene – Pictures can reveal more details about factors like the point of impact, the road/weather conditions and the nature of the resulting damage.
  • Statements from accident witnesses – Witnesses can include passengers in the involved vehicle(s), as well as anyone outside of the vehicles who saw the crash.
  • Cellphone records – These records can prove when distracted driving may have been a factor.
  • Dashboard camera footage – These recordings can provide vital footage of what took place before, during and following the wreck.
  • Medical records – These records can detail the extent of the physical harm suffered in the wreck.

The trusted Centennial car accident attorneys at Bell & Pollock, P.C. have vast experience gathering, preserving and presenting key evidence for auto wreck claims. We can help you identify, compile and leverage all of the essential evidence for your claim, helping you set it up for the best possible outcome.

Far too often, truck accidents cause serious, potentially life-threatening injuries. The latest statistics1 on truck wrecks uncover the tragic reality regarding the frequency and common causes of these crashes:

  • Last year, about 475,000 truck wrecks were reported to U.S. law enforcement authorities.
  • Since 2009, fatal truck accidents have increased by about 28 percent, and non-fatal, injury-related truck crashes have surged by about 62 percent.
  • When deadly truck accidents happen, 4 in every 5 fatal injuries impact someone outside of the truck, like other motorists, motorcyclists and/or pedestrians.
  • More than 1 in every 4 deadly work zone wrecks involves at least one large commercial truck.
  • About 1 in every 3 truck wrecks is caused by at least one driver-related error. Speeding, distraction and impairment are the top three driver errors contributing to truck crashes.

At Bell & Pollock, P.C., our lawyers are fully aware that it only takes one truck wreck to change your life forever. That’s why are devoted and determined to helping truck accident victims (including those who’ve lost a loved one to a fatal wreck) fight for compensation and justice.

A successful workers’ compensation claim can yield important benefits for injured workers and their families. Depending on the severity of the injuries a worker has experienced, (s)he may be entitled to benefits like:

  • Medical benefits – These benefits can cover any medical treatments associated with treating the work-related injury and helping the injured worker recover to the extent possible. For example, medical benefits can cover anything from imaging and diagnostic tests to hospitalizations, surgery, prescription drugs, assistive equipment and more.
  • Disability benefits – These benefits can be paid for partial or total disabilities that are temporary or permanent in nature. Weekly and lump sum payments may be available for workers’ compensation disability benefits.
  • Disfigurement benefits – Paid as lump sum awards, these benefits can vary in amount, depending on the extent and severity of the scarring and/or disfigurement resulting from the workplace accident.

The Centennial workers’ compensation attorneys at Bell & Pollock, P.C. are highly effective at helping clients seek the above benefits – and any other compensation they may be entitled to for the suffering, injuries and losses they have experienced due to work accidents and injuries.