From September 13th through 19th, transportation safety advocates across the nation will be sponsoring National Child Passenger Safety Week, which is dedicated to protecting all child vehicle occupants.

A Denver personal injury attorney discusses National Child Passenger Safety Week & what parents can do to keep their kids safe on the road.

A Denver personal injury attorney discusses National Child Passenger Safety Week & what parents can do to keep their kids safe on the road.

Sponsored by Safe Kids and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), National Child Passenger Safety Week will primarily focus on educating parents and encouraging them to:

  • Register their children’s car safety seats
  • Regularly check if these seats have been subject to recalls
  • Act ASAP if their children’s car safety seats have been recalled.

Elaborating on the importance of this week-long campaign, NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind has stated:

The safety of children in cars is our biggest priority…NHTSA is committed to helping parents register their car seats and other child products with manufacturers, which we know is critical if there is a recall. We’re also committed to working with manufacturers to make sure parents receive a quick and thorough solution during a recall so children are protected.

More than 50% of Parents Don’t Register Car Seats, Advocates Note

Perhaps more compelling that the words of advocates are the statistics, which have revealed that:

  • About 4 in 5 parents believe that registering children’s car safety seats is important.
  • Only about 42 percent of them ever end up following through to register their children’s car seats.

What may be more shocking than this are the facts that:

  • The single largest NHTSA recall ever issued in the Administration’s history was for defective child car seats.
  • In 2014 alone, more than 6 million child car seats in the U.S. were subject to recalls.
  • Only about 3 million of the recalled seats last have been fixed (to date).

What Parents Should Know & Do, Advocates Say

So, if you are parent, here’s what advocates want you to take away from National Child Passenger Safety Week:

  • Register your child’s car seat(s) ASAP – You can send in the registration card that came with the seat or register the seat online (via the manufacturer’s website or the NHTSA).
  • Check if your child’s car seat has been recalled – You can do this by using the NHTSA’s innovative recall look up tool (here).
  • Always follow the directions for using child car seats.
  • Avoid buying child car seats at garage sales or second-hand stores. If you do, however, make sure to use the recall and registration tools offered by the NHTSA to ensure you are not putting your child in a danger.

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