Opioid Lawsuit & Compensation FAQs

Opioid drugs are dangerous painkillers that have been linked to serious complications and death. For patients and families who have been harmed by opioid medications, getting answers about the legal options for recovery can be essential to getting on the road to justice and reclaiming their lives.

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While we look forward to answering your questions regarding a potential opioid drug injury claim, we also encourage you to check out the following for helpful answers to common questions about opioid lawsuits and compensation. 

Opioid Lawsuit & Compensation FAQs

Opioid Lawsuit & Compensation FAQs

Do I Have an Opioid Drug Injury Case?

The details of your circumstances will dictate whether you have an opioid claim. While an initial consultation with a lawyer at Bell & Pollock, P.C. can shed more light on this answer, in general, those who are likely to have an opioid drug injury case can include people who:

  • Have been prescribed an opioid medication (i.e., who were not taking a prescription opioid illegally)
  • Have taken the drug as directed
  • Have been directly injured or harmed as a result of opioid use – Please note that these harmed individuals can include families who have lost a loved one to fatal opioid complications.

How Soon Do I Have to File an Opioid Claim?

There are strict deadlines for filing an opioid drug injury claim, and the deadline that applies to your case will depend on:

  • When the drug-related injuries occurred – Specifically, the date on which the drug-related injuries were discovered or caused death will typically be the starting point for the statute of limitations (i.e., the allowed period of time for filing a case).
  • The jurisdiction where the case is filed – State law sets the statute of limitations for opioid cases in that state, and these laws vary in different states. In Colorado, for instance, the law provides a two-year period for pursuing drug injury claims. Cases filed after the time limit has expired will generally be dismissed, limiting or precluding the options for financial recovery.

How Long Will It Take to Resolve an Opioid Drug Injury Case?

The complexity of your claim, as well as your needs and objectives, can impact how long the opioid claim process takes. While our attorneys can provide you with a more detailed answer, here are some general facts that are important to understand about opioid claims and the recovery process:

  • Settling a case out of court, prior to trial, can result in faster resolutions.
  • More complex cases can require more involved discovery (pre-trial preparations), which may draw a case out longer.
  • Battling out an opioid claim in court can also extend the duration of a case.

While pre-trial settlements and quick resolutions may be preferable in some cases, it can be better to go to court and see a claim through trial when settlement offers fall short of fully compensating injured parties.

How Can an Attorney Help Me with an Opioid Claim?

A lawyer can be extremely helpful when it’s time to file an opioid drug injury claim and stand up to negligent pharmaceutical companies. Some things an attorney can do for you and your opioid case include:

  • Informing you of the law and the available legal remedies
  • Collecting evidence to support your opioid drug injury case
  • Managing all of the court paperwork and deadlines that are necessary to keep your case moving forward
  • Vigorously advocating on your behalf throughout the course of your case
  • Fighting to help you obtain all of the compensation you deserve.

As you concentrate on your physical and psychological recovery, you can rely on Bell & Pollock, P.C. to oversee your financial recovery and bring your case to the best possible resolution.

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