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Denver Personal Injury 101: What Is Negligence & How Do I Know When It’s Occurred?

A Denver personal injury attorney explains what negligence is.

Negligence is a fundamental concept to personal injury law and cases. In general, negligence is a failure to act with the same level of care that a reasonable person, under similar circumstances, would apply in that situation. When negligence results in harm to another person, that person can pursue financial recovery from the negligent party via a personal injury case.

Examples of Negligence

Negligence can arise in a number of ways and in a number of different settings. Some common examples of negligence, however, include:

Who Can Be Negligent

Based on the above examples, it’s easy to see that a wide array of parties can be negligent and, in doing so, cause harm to others. Generally, negligent parties that can be named as defendants in personal injury lawyers include (but may not be exclusive to):

Financial Recovery for the Victims of Negligence

When negligence results in physical injuries and/or other harm to people, these victims – which can include families who lose loved ones to fatal personal injuries – can pursue justice and financial recovery via personal injury cases, as explained above.

Although these recoveries will vary according to the nature of the negligence and injuries associated with the case, in general, this compensation for victims can include (but may not be exclusive to) damages for:

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