Spring and summer are almost here, so people with motorcycles are starting think about riding. Motorcycles can be very enjoyable. Some people use them for economical transportation. Unfortunately, they are a more risky form of transportation for obvious reasons. Since I have been a rider for many years, I have firsthand knowledge of the dangers involved. No matter how safe we try to be things can go wrong and an accident can happen. When it does it would be helpful to have some basic legal knowledge in your arsenal of information.

Many of the same tips apply as in a car accident; however motorcycle accidents have a variety of unique issues. Of course you should have insurance on your motorcycle and if your company offers medical insurance you should take it, especially if you do not have your own health insurance. In the event you do not have any medical insurance to cover medical expenses you may be able to work with an attorney who can advise you on how to seek medical care by medical lien. A medical lien is an agreement that allows you to get your medical care covered by a medical office that will wait to be paid from a final settlement. Since your expensive medical bills can be a primary factor in having serious financial burdens, including possible bankruptcy this option can be vital for the injured rider.

At the scene of the accident you can protect yourself by knowing what to do. After everyone has received medical attention then it’s important to be aware of what information should be gathered. Get all insurance information especially from the driver of the vehicle who appears to be at fault. If you are unable to get this information hopefully a witness or a police officer will gather it for you. Obtain the name address and phone number of any witnesses or ask them for a business card. At one point you may need a written statement from them. A proper investigation after an accident can be crucial in establishing liability. As in all vehicle accidents riders are entitled to damages allowed by law. You can recover medical expenses, property damage, wage loss and compensation for pain and suffering. Often people have permanent injuries that deserve substantial settlement amounts.