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Road Work In Denver: Tips And Tricks On How To Stay Safe In Work Zones

Road Work In Denver: Tips And Tricks On How To Stay Safe In Work Zones

Many fatal accidents happen every year in work zones, most of which can be avoided if the workers and the drivers are more cautious. Buses, trucks, and other large vehicles have blind spots and restricted maneuverability, making it more challenging to operate around road works.

If there is road work in Denver or nearby areas, it is vital for everyone to ensure they are following safe driving and work practices to avoid any accidents and other problems. Here are some valuable tips to stay safe in work zones for both workers and drivers:

Road Work Safety Tips for Workers

Workers in work zones are often vulnerable to ongoing traffic if the road hasn’t been completely blocked. While most drivers are cautious around road work, some are negligent and drive recklessly.

Workers need to take the appropriate safety measures in the work zones to protect themselves while on the job. Here are some safety tips that can help:

● Wear Safety Gear: The critical part of creating a safe work zone is for everyone to wear the proper safety apparel. Wearing helmets and vests can decrease the risk of injuries.

● Placing Construction Barrels and Traffic Cones: Placing cones with reflective materials and construction barrels at the appropriate places to warn the incoming traffic of road work ahead is another significant safety measure. It encourages drivers to reduce their speed and be more cautious. These can be used in multiple ways in different types of work zones, like creating a barrier between the workers and traffic, blocking problematic areas on the road, and blocking a section of the road.

● Avoid Working or Standing on Blind Spots: Heavy construction equipment often gets moved and blocks the view of oncoming drivers. If you are working near large vehicles, take appropriate precautions to ensure you are clearly visible to the traffic to avoid potential accidents.

Road Work Safety Tips for Drivers

Road work is not just dangerous for the workers but also for the drivers. All drivers must stay safe while driving near or in a work zone. Taking the proper safety measures can help avoid potential accidents. Here are some safety tips for drivers:

● Always Expect the Unexpected: It is wise to always be on alert while driving. You might not be aware of a work zone up ahead or an accident that has already happened. Therefore, stay vigilant and look out for road signs to stay safe.

● Avoid Distractions: It is easy to get distracted in the driving seat, which often results in accidents. Don’t use your phone, drink, eat, or take your eyes off the road.

● Follow the Signs: Workers place signs or traffic cones in a work zone on the road. Make sure you follow them and join the proper lane. Avoid trying to overtake in such situations.

● Obey the Speed Limits: This is true for any driving situation. It is wise to always follow the speed limit to avoid potential accidents. Reduce speed to protect yourself and others when you are nearing a work zone.

Road work is integral to ensuring safe and smooth roads, but the work zones can create delays. Being on high alert and following the road signs and the speed limit is significant in ensuring the safety of everyone on the road. Both workers and drivers must take appropriate safety measures to avoid collisions, injuries, and even fatalities.

Now a Word from Bradley Pollock

Auto Legal Talk

By Bradley Pollock of Bell & Pollock Injury Attorneys

Fall is here, and soon many Coloradans will be making their annual pilgrimage west up into the mountains to take in the changing colors. Whether that means a hike, a bike, or a pleasant drive, chances are you’ll be taking a car at least part of the way. Whether you spent every weekend this summer trekking a different leg of the Colorado Trail, or you haven’t been above 6000 feet since your last run at Mary Jane last Spring Break, here are some things to keep in mind as you head up to remind yourself why the signs say “Welcome to Colorful Colorado”:

First, don’t forget to make sure your brakes are in top shape. It’s a long way back down after a fun day at altitude. Nothing can ruin your trip faster than losing your brakes. Remember, any accident caused by your failure to properly maintain your vehicle is still your fault!

Watch out for wildlife in the roadway. Most insurance policies exclude coverage for bodily injury if you hit an elk or any other mountain beast. In most cases, there must be another human being at fault for insurance to kick in. (Though you may be able to use your Medical Payments Coverage for injuries.)

Make sure your First Aid kit is well-stocked. Injuries happen. Hiking, biking, and driving can be dangerous. When you are travelling on a two-lane road over a high-mountain pass, you could find yourself many miles from the nearest emergent care facility. Stock up on the basics so you can get home safely.

Winter weather can creep up unexpectedly and early in the mountains. Make sure you are in a vehicle that can handle snow and ice even when the Front Range is still comfortably enjoying highs in the 70s and 80s. “I didn’t know it was going to snow” probably won’t get you very far in court if you cause an accident. Also make sure your heater and defroster are in working order before you head up. For that matter, toss a blanket or two in the trunk in case you get stuck or have an accident.

In short, be safe, be prepared, and enjoy the changing colors!

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