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Tips on How to Drive a Motor Vehicle Against the Glare of the Sun

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Tips on How to Drive a Motor Vehicle Against the Glare of the Sun

The Colorado sun can be dangerous and does affect your driving! It also means that some drivers may find themselves hampered by the glare of the sun off the asphalt, or directly in their eyes. This is especially stressful during congested traffic. Here are a few tools and tips that can help you safely navigate the road when the sun is bright outside.

Have you been in an automobile accident? No matter how careful you are, accidents happen—often because other drivers aren’t careful enough. That’s why it’s so important to hire a Denver Colorado car accident attorney if you’ve been in an auto accident.


Cheap, fast-fashion sunglasses are ubiquitous, and they’re great for accessorizing your favorite outfit. However, they aren’t usually effective at shielding your eyes from sun glare when driving. Invest in a quality pair of sunglasses specifically for driving.

Sun Visor

So many drivers forget the sun visor is there unless they think to use the mirror. But the sun visor’s original purpose was to increase safety while driving on sunny days. Don’t use it to store paperwork; rather, use it to protect your eyes and improve safety while driving.

Safe Distances

We should always maintain safe distances when driving, but we often become lax about it when conditions are pleasant. It’s exceptionally important to maintain (or even increase) your distance from the car in front of you when there are other factors affecting your driving, such as rain or bright sun.

There are so many different factors involved in personal injury cases, especially when it comes to car crashes. Whether the sun was in your eyes or the other driver’s, whether or not it was raining or icy, you need a personal injury lawyer today to advocate for you.

Clean Windows

Those dirty car windows might not seem like such a big deal on overcast days, but when the sun comes out, they can be a big problem. The bright light reflecting off the dust and other debris on your windows can obscure your view. If riding a motorcycle, be sure to clean your helmet visor. Much like a dirty windshield, a dirty visor can also obstruct vision. Keep your windows and visors sparkling for safety.

Pull Over If Necessary

If you are driving in a situation that feels unsafe, it’s always okay to find a safe place to pull over. Sometimes, all it takes is a few minutes of rest to allow your eyes to adjust to the bright light.

Most of our clients don’t understand how much small details matter when it comes to personal injury cases. Bell & Pollock P.C. Accident & Injury Lawyers will thoroughly investigate your case, in order to represent you as aggressively and effectively as possible.

Now a Word from Bradley pollock

Auto Legal Talk

By Bradley Pollock of Bell & Pollock Injury Attorneys

Last week, one of the attorneys in my office was in an MVA. As fate had it, the driver behind him, had a dashboard mounted camera, that recorded the entire accident. A “dash cam” is small video camera that is typically installed either on the dashboard or the windshield and should not obscure your vision. The camera can only take up to five square inches on the driver’s side and up to seven square inches on the passenger side. Dash cams are legal as long as you do not infringe on another person’s privacy. There’s no reasonable expectation of privacy while driving on public roadways. But, if your unit records audio, you should alert your passengers that the system is recording their conversations, otherwise you could be violating wiretapping laws. Colorado, like 38 other states, permits audio recording with the consent of one party to the conversation. Other states may require the consent of all parties. Dash Cameras are a double edge sword. Dash Cam footage could protect you if you are involved in an accident/incident while driving. But, be aware that a recording could work against you and in favor of the other party. The video could show that you were responsible or partially responsible for the crash. The Dash Cam video could be the evidence you need to prove your personal injury case. The video of the accident can be used as proof of innocence (or guilt) in an accident and is generally admissible in court. Dash cam videos can also be submitted to insurance companies to demonstrate liability and to prevent insurance fraud. Additionally, some advanced systems capture GPS coordinates and even G forces inside the vehicle at the time of the accident Consider your options: without any proof, i.e., the Dash Cam Footage, it’s your word against theirs as to how the accident happened. But remember the Dash Cam video is just one piece of evidence as how the accident/incident occurred. If you been involved in automobile accident and you have a Dash Cam video, bring it to the law offices of Bell and Pollock, and let us review the video as part of a legal game plan to settle your claim.

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