Broken Tree fallen on car

Whether from a huge storm or a small gust of wind, trees and branches fall on cars every day. If your car happens to be one of them, determining who is at fault can be overwhelming.

There are several different questions to answer to determine liability when a tree falls on a vehicle. Did the tree have any visible defects, or did it appear perfectly healthy? Did the tree belong to a neighbor, or was it on city land?

When faced with a situation where a tree has fallen on your vehicle, we recommend you contact an experienced premises liability lawyer. At Bell & Pollock P.C., we can help you determine liability and negotiate with insurance companies. Call our office for a free case evaluation to get started.


A City Tree Fell on My Car – Now What?

Legal responsibility varies based on the ownership of the property that the tree was on. If a city tree falls on your car, that means that the property, in this case, the tree,