Winter Driving on country road

With winter fast approaching, now is a good time to get prepared for some of the unique challenges and hazards that often arise for Colorado drivers in the cold winter months. This includes taking the proper steps to “winterize” your vehicles and being prepared to deal with the snowy, icy, and slushy driving conditions that are sure to come.

Everyone knows that driving in winter weather can be challenging. This is especially true in mountainous areas of Colorado, where steep inclines and tight corners can spell disaster for even the most careful drivers. A recent report from USA Today indicated that Colorado is among the ten deadliest states for wintertime car accidents. Nationally, it is estimated that there are nearly 1,500 fatalities per year that are attributable to snowy, slushy, or icy roads. Thousands more are injured and/or see significant property damage each year.

So, what are some ways for Coloradoans to make sure that this winter driving season is an uneventful one?

One way to minimize risk is to make sure that your vehicle is fully “winterized.” For starters, make sure your tires have enough tread and are properly inflated. You should also check your coolant system and use the right amount of antifreeze to protect your engine. Freezing temperatures can also weaken your car battery, so make sure to have that checked by a trusted mechanic as well. A