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Workers Compensation: What Injuries Will It Cover?

What Injuries will Workers’ Compensation Cover?

When it comes to work-related injuries and workers’ compensation, people think of injuries sustained by labor-heavy jobs like manufacturing or construction. However, the truth is that any job can lead to temporary or permanent damages.

In Colorado, workers’ compensation covers most injuries. In addition to injuries such as falling off a ladder or breaking a bone, workers’ compensation covers certain illnesses and sicknesses. It’s important to know what workers’ comp does and doesn’t cover before filing a claim or contacting a lawyer.

Injuries and Conditions Workers’ Compensation Covers

An employer is responsible for facilitating a healthy work environment that minimizes the risk of injury or sickness. When an employer breaches this duty, they must take care of their employee by paying their medical expenses and sometimes lost wages.

Essentially, any injury, sickness, or condition tied back to unsafe working conditions might qualify for workers’ compensation coverage. While there’s a wide range of possibilities, some common examples are:

  • A broken or fractured bone
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals or substances like asbestos or mesothelioma
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Torn muscles
  • Hernia
  • Coal miner’s lung

Injuries and Conditions Not Covered

Some injuries or sicknesses are more difficult to link directly result of unsafe working conditions. A Colorado compensation program can cover almost any injury. However, the elements surrounding an injury can dramatically change the results.

Ultimately, the question becomes who’s at fault: the employer, the employee, or a third party? Examples of injuries that may not be the employer’s fault and that compensation insurance might not cover are:

  • An act of God, for example, extreme weather conditions that the employer could not have predicted
  • Horseplay, or when a worker’s injury results from not correctly doing their job, such as not following strict safety guidelines
  • The worker was injured outside of the workplace
  • The worker intentionally hurt themselves
  • Minor injuries such as small cuts, bruises, scrapes, etc.

However: On the job injuries are usually covered and compensable.

What Benefits Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

In Colorado, workers’ compensation insurance covers many benefits:

  • Medical benefits: Anything from doctor appointments, medication, x-rays, physical therapy, etc., can be covered.
  • Disability benefits: Whether your disability is temporary, permanent, partial, severe, or impacts your everyday life, disability benefits are covered.
  • Death benefits: Unfortunately, some work-related injuries or accidents can lead to a worker’s death. In addition to funeral expenses, a worker’s children might receive compensation until they are of age.

Obtain Legal Help From Bell & Pollock, P.C.

Accidents happen regardless of the type of job, but navigating all the workers’ compensation rules can be complex. When you or your loved one is dealing with medical bills following a workplace injury or condition, assistance is available. Our attorneys have years of experience and are eager to help.

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Now a Word from Bradley Pollock

Auto Legal Talk

By Bradley Pollock of Bell & Pollock Injury Attorneys

Just getting injured in a car crash is bad enough—but then you have to file an insurance claim! Remember: the insurance adjustor is not on your side. The adjustor’s job is to close claims as quickly and cheaply as possible. Some things to know when dealing with an insurance adjustor include:

·You don’t have to give a formal recorded statement. Adjustors will push to get your side of the story on the record as soon as possible. They want to be able to use your words against you later. Have your attorney present at any recorded statement if you decide to give one.

·You don’t have to sign away your rights to your medical records. Adjustors will ask you to sign a “form” so they can obtain all types of medical records—not just the ones related to your crash. Don’t sign away your medical privacy! You can control what medical records they get. Go get your records yourself, and make sure the adjustor only sees records and bills that relate to the crash.

·Don’t settle your injury claim too early. Sometimes your injuries or the long-term consequences of those injuries are not immediately apparent. In fact, Colorado law prohibits bodily injury settlements within the first 30 days after a collision when the injured party remains under the care of a physician. (Property damage claims are different. In most cases, a mechanic can determine the extent of your vehicle’s damage right away. Thus, it is often necessary to settle your property damage claim early so that you can get your vehicle repaired and back out on the road quicker.)

· When it comes time to settle, make sure the adjustor considers all aspects of your damages. Just paying your medical bill is insufficient in most cases. Besides your medical bills, you can recover for lost wages, out-of-pockets expenses, pain and suffering, disfigurement, and physical impairment among other categories.

Insurance adjustors play this game every day for a living. They know all the rules and how to use them to the insurance company’s advantage. If you suspect an adjustor is trying to take advantage of you, give us a call. If you don’t suspect it, you may need us even worse!

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