Newly patented technology could let an insurer monitor drivers and their surroundings, a Denver car accident lawyer reveals. Here’s more on this technology.

Newly patented technology could let an insurer monitor drivers and their surroundings, a Denver car accident lawyer reveals. Here’s more on this technology.

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, your time commuting in your vehicle may be some of the rare alone time you get. What if you weren’t so alone even if you were the only one in the car? What if, using cameras and sensors already in your car, an insurance company could watch or record your actions?

Would you feel safer? Or not?

Well, all of this and more may soon be a reality, as Allstate recently secured a patent for technology1 that could monitor a number of details about drivers actions and surroundings – both within and outside of the vehicle.

What Could Be Monitored

Perhaps, the better question here is, what wouldn’t be monitored? According to the patent, the technology could monitor (and transmit information back to insurers regarding):

  • Details associated with the driver, including a driver’s eye and head level, seat position, heart rate, blood pressure, potential , etc.
  • Aspects of the environment within the cabin, including how many other passengers are in the vehicle, whether there is alcohol in the air in the cabin, the volume of the stereo, etc.
  • Other vehicles or features within a certain vicinity of the vehicle, including nearby pedestrians, motorists, etc.

Allstate has explained via Spokesperson Laura Strykowski that the technology could serve as way to provide motorists with more information “about traffic conditions and external factors that could better equip them to drive safe.”

All of this has raised some serious questions regarding:

  • The limits of what would be monitored – Some are concerned that things like cellphone numbers, bank or credit information, etc. could all be mined, collected and/or possibly even sold.
  • Whether this information could be used against drivers – Namely, would insurers use the data it collects to hike up rates for drivers who tend to do (or not do) certain things behind the wheel?

So, we return to our title question – would you feel safer knowing an insurance provider was watching and monitoring you? If you could get a discount on your insurance, would you agree to submit to this type of monitoring? Tell us what you think on Facebook & Google+.

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1: The patent is entitled “Traffic-based driving analysis.”